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  • Full-time equivalents for long-term or short-term engagements
  • Dedicated site resources, field engineers, help desk, depot, etc.
  • Candidates pass rigorous technical/skill vetting
  • Cloud-based project monitoring to track hours at a glance
  • Day-to-day activities managed by you or Diverse, based on preference
  • Seamless communication between you and the on-site resource(s)


Staff augmentations offer a unique solution to a common business problem: you need highly skilled and finely tuned workers to churn out important work, and then be done. With Diverse?s IT staff augmentation, you can bolster your technical staff temporarily, guaranteeing that the work gets done right, on time, and in the most cost effective way possible. We offer augmentation services to fill many different roles including dedicated on-site technicians, field engineers, helpdesk and depot technicians. Regardless of your unique needs, Diverse provides a scalable, customizable solution just for you. We then manage the day-to-day human resources and operations tasks necessary to ensure the personnel we provide work hand-in-hand with your internal staff to achieve your specific goals. Choose Diverse?s staff augmentation services when you need to alleviate the burden on your internal staff while ensuring that you can remain focused on the goals at hand on the timeline your require.

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